Black and Yellow passion: the prepaid card providing exclusive “experiences” has come for BORUSSIA DORTMUND’s fans

Black and Yellow passion: the prepaid card providing  exclusive “experiences” has come for BORUSSIA DORTMUND’s fans

Thanks to the partnership with REPX, supporters of BORUSSIA DORTMUND will soon be able to
receive the innovative prepaid cards of their favourite team, to access a series of special
“experiences” designed only for the real fans.

Milano, 08 Febbraio 2022 –The partnership between BORUSSIA DORTMUND and REPX, a
British fintech active in the payments industry with the co-branding prepaid cards, promises to
be really interesting: a prepaid card designed for and dedicated to the true fans of BORUSSIA
DORTMUND, which paves the way for a series of exclusive “experiences” designed just for
them. The English Public Limited Company, through products and a series of technologically
advanced applications – all based on registered patents – and an innovative business model,
allows sports clubs, stars from the world of entertainment and sports, celebrities, influencers,
brands and cities with a high tourist appeal to have their own personalized prepaid card.
Together with a special App that allows them to connect with their followers, this innovative
product boasts a significant potential increase in fan engagement.
Reaching its target audience of almost half a billion fans in football and Esports, REPX enjoys
partnerships with 13 top football clubs of international relevance. “A series of iconic football
teams’’ – Ian Clowes, CEO of REPX, explains – “in fact, among the most important in the
world, will soon have prepaid cards made thanks to the partnership with our innovative fintech
and distributed among their fans. Among these, we are now proud to welcome BORUSSIA
DORTMUND, one of the most famous and iconic clubs of the Bundesliga. The so called
‘Schwarzgelben’ have a well deserved reputation for spotting and developing young talents and
the highest average attendance of any football club worldwide. We are really excited about this
“Thanks to the prepaid cards created in partnership between REPX and BORUSSIA
DORTMUND”; – Ian Clowes recalls – ” BVB’s fans, in addition to the typical financial
advantages of owning a card, will be able to enter a world of unique experiences, thanks to an
exclusive channel of communication. It will allow them to interact with their favourite team,
accessing exclusive offers and news regarding merchandising, tickets, invitations to special
events, and even meetings with their beloved football stars. REPX, in fact, makes payment
with Visa or MasterCard a fun social experience, allowing the holders to unequivocally express
their passion when using the prepaid card. The prepaid cards will guarantee BORUSSIA
DORTMUND’s supporters a series of personalized benefits and services (up to the possibility of
transferring sums of money free of charge between supporters, in real time and with
immediate availability on the recipient’s account), further strengthening the fan community
and rewarding loyalty to the team.”
Benedikt Scholz, Borussia Dortmund’s Director Internationalisation & Commercial
Partnerships, adds: “The partnership with REPX promises a series of exciting benefits for our international fans in South Asia and Southeast Asia and we look forward to seeing our fans
enjoying their daily activities with our BVB co-branded prepaid cards.’’

As the exclusive supplier of payment cards of internationally acclaimed football clubs such as
Real Madrid (just to name the most iconic one), REPX connects the aseptic financial world to
the passionate world of fans and supporters. Thanks to a series of proprietary patents that
make its cards unique (for example, the cards can sing the anthems of the holders’ beloved
teams), the innovation-driven and dynamically managed company thus has presented itself as
a market leader in this niche of the market of electronic payments.
According to a research recently published by Sponsor United, an industry benchmark for
brand analysis in sport and its visibility, REPX ranks ninth out of 109 fintech brands worldwide
in the category of visibility in sports. The FCA-licensed research house, ACF, described REPX's
social engagement affiliate marketing model as "unique" in its most recent report.

About REPX
REPX is a fintech revolutionising traditional banking by combining technology and the passion of billions
of fans worldwide with Social Media. REPX allows sports teams, celebrities, influencers, brands and iconic
cities to innovatively connect with fanbases through exclusive co-branded prepaid cards, debit cards and
digital products. REPX's portfolio of partners and brands creates maximum engagement of the social
generation through electronic payments. Come and explore the many opportunities our platform has to
offer by visiting us at

About Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund is one of the most successful football clubs in Germany. The club have won eight
league championships, five DFB-Pokals, one UEFA Champions League, one Intercontinental Cup, and one
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. With over 159,000 members in total, it is one of the five largest sports clubs in
Germany and is the seventh largest worldwide. For more information about Borussia Dortmund (BVB),

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