EINPRESSWIRE.COM – REXP joins the Community Cashless Society

Together with world leaders in the electronic payments industry, REPX will participate in the prestigious Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, Italy

MILANO, ITALY, March 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Relentlessly committed to its growth path, REPX, the London-based fintech that is revolutionizing traditional banking by combining payment technology and the passion of billions of fans around the world with social media, will join the Community Cashless Society. The prestigious reality – founded by The European House – Ambrosetti in 2015 with the mission of being a platform for constructive and permanent comparison on the subject of electronic payments – includes among its members the most important Italian actors of the payments value chain (among others, Visa, Mastercard, Nexi Group, Bancomat, major banks such as Intesa and Unicredit, card industry players such as Mooney, PostePay). The Community aims to strengthen the dialogue and the relationships between the players of the payment industry, the entrepreneurial and industrial community and the institutional community, and to produce knowledge and proposals to promote the “cashless society”, as well as opportunities for growth and modernisation of the country-system.

“REPX – comments Francesco De Leo, Founder and Executive Director of REPX board – is an emerging reality with Italian roots, management and creativity, already listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and waiting for the listing on the London Stock Exchange. In little more than two years of effective operation, REPX has obtained extraordinary results, thanks to its innovative fintech model that mixes finance and social media with a projected audience of almost half a billion fans, having already signed agreements with 15 football clubs of national and international importance (becoming the official supplier of electronic payment products)”.

The Community, for its part, proposes to give concrete form to some priority objectives for its operations, producing innovative ideas and knowledge, also involving international experts and decision-makers, for the benefit of the activity and business of the members of the Community itself, with a philosophy of qualified networking between the members of the Community and with the external reference players (top political, institutional and business leaders in Italy, who are the target of proposals and studies coming from the Community). It has developed an Observatory dedicated to electronic payments in Italy, with advances in several pilot projects in major Italian cities for the digitalization and consequent “cashless” transition of public services.

“Our fintech will launch REPX-branded “8xMille Cards” in April, and thanks to our technology and one of REPX’s patents – exemplifies De Leo – cardholders will be enabled, during registration through our dedicated App, to choose the “Non-Profit” entity to which they will permanently allocate the 8×1000 share of all their card transactions, deriving from the total amount of purchases of goods and services. For cardholders, this donation will not involve any additional cost: a truly irresistible and innovative solution that will be positively disruptive in the areas of Associations, Charity and non-professional sports”.

Every year the Community draws up a Final Report that is presented and discussed at the Round Table at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio in synergy with the annual Workshop of The European House – Ambrosetti “The Economic and Financial Scenario”, in the presence of speakers of excellence from the world of European, Italian and local institutions and government and representatives of the business world of the cashless supply chain. The Round Table 2022 is scheduled for March 31, 2022, in the world-known location of Villa d’Este in Cernobbio and, on this occasion, REPX’s top management will illustrate to the members of the Community and the business leaders present, as well as to the world of institutions, its unique model that aims to continue to innovate and, at the same time, generate – through its patented cards – the maximum involvement of the “social” generations in the electronic payment systems market.

Antonio Matta
The Reputation Exchange PLC