EINPRESSWIRE.COM – The Gift Cards dedicated to MILAN fans now also available in large-scale retail trade

EINPRESSWIRE.COM – The Gift Cards dedicated to MILAN fans now also available in large-scale retail trade

LONDON, UK, March 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — To seal a season that will in any case be one to remember, there is now another reason to rejoice for AC Milan fans. As a result of the partnership between REPX and EPIPOLI, in fact, the non-rechargeable Gift Card, designed for AC Milan fans, will also be available in large-scale retail outlets in Italy, thanks to which they will be able to benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on all “Casa Milan” products, including merchandising, entrance to the “Mondo Milan” Museum and purchases in Official Milan stores. The card will be branded Mastercard and will therefore be used for purchases at all online and physical points of sale.

The card, which is expected to be available in large-scale Italian retail stores starting in April, will be on display in some of the main stores chains, including Esselunga, Despar, Feltrinelli, Pam Panorama and will have a face value of €150, with a cost of €9.90. Stores will initially receive a quantity of 20,000 cards.

REPX is a London-based fintech already listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and awaiting listing on the London Stock Exchange. Strengthened by its innovative fintech model that mixes finance and social media, REPX now counts on a potential audience of almost half a billion fans, having already signed agreements with 15 football clubs of national and international relevance, not to mention that it has taken the strategic decision to also enter the world of Esports (working on the development of an innovative platform and a payment card, which will revolutionize the world of video game tournaments). According to a research recently published by Sponsor United, an industry benchmark for brand analysis in sports and its visibility, REPX is already ranked ninth in the world, among 109 fintech brands taken into consideration for level of visibility in terms of sponsorship in sports.

EPIPOLI is one of the international companies in the fintech industry and a market leader in Prepaid Services and Engagement Systems. In 2006 it introduced Gift Cards in Italy and today the prepaid payment network it has built – which includes 400 Partners in over 70,000 points of sale in Europe and more than 4 million consumers – represents the link between the digital world and the physical point of sale.

The deal represents a perfect union, if one considers that REPX has already achieved undisputed leadership in the market niche of co-branded payment cards for the world of football and its fans, which has seen it enter into agreements with the most important teams in Italy, including AC Milan and AS Roma, just to name a few, and in the world, with the most iconic football team of all, Real Madrid, as well as other Italian, English, German, Spanish and, soon, French teams.

“EPIPOLI – says Amanda Harrison, SVP and Head of Business Development of REPX – is a perfect fit for us, with its network of thousands of physical points of sale, and this partnership allows us to bring immediately to market, to the delight of Rossoneri fans, thousands Gift Cards co-branded REPX and AC Milan. EPIPOLI is – continues Harrison commenting on the partnership – an international player that allows, through its prepaid non-reloadable cards – which are also found at supermarket checkouts and other points of sale – to make purchases online and in stores even without having a bank account. For us it represents a further success in our unstoppable strategy of development and market penetration in terms of numbers and cards distributed”.

“We are very pleased to have started collaborating with REPX, a young company that has already demonstrated to have obtained important recognitions in international sport – comments Gaetano Giannetto, Founder and President of EPIPOLI. With the AC Milan Gift Cards we are strengthening our presence in the world of sport, working with a partner that has been able to interpret the market of sports and football collaborations by leveraging our expertise in branded payment systems and the consolidated and widespread presence of Epipoli gift cards in Italian mass retailers. A perfect meeting point that allows us to bring to supermarkets and multimedia stores a payment tool rich in advantages and accessible to thousands of fans”.

About REPX
REPX is a fintech revolutionising traditional banking by combining technology and the passion of billions of fans worldwide with Social Media. REPX allows sports teams, celebrities, influencers, brands and iconic cities to innovatively connect with fanbases through exclusive co-branded prepaid cards, debit cards and digital products. REPX’s portfolio of partners and brands creates maximum engagement of the social generation through electronic payments. Come and explore the many opportunities our platform has to offer by visiting us at www.therepx.com

Epipoli is a FinTech company, market leader in Prepaid services and Engagement solutions in retailing industry. In 2006, Epipoli introduced the Gift Cards in Italy, and, as of today, the prepaid payment network – which includes 400 Partners in over 50,000 points of sale in Europe and more than 4 million consumers – represents the most advanced link between the digital world and the physical points of sale. To learn more, visit www.epipoli.com or www.mygiftcard.it.

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