The Reputation Exchange Plc (REPX) is a UK Fintech, Social Media and Retail Company, founded in 2016
REPX is committed to building a global reputation marketplace through the marketing and sale of innovative retail and financial products with reputation at its core


Creating and selling retail products based on the reputations of celebrities, sports teams, iconic cities, and brands. Implementing an innovative marketing approach by having celebrities, sports teams, iconic cities and brands as major partners in the marketing campaign. Enhancing the customer experience of fans, tourists and consumers by promoting, through genuine interactions and fair online dialogue, products, and services that are a novelty and fun

Business Model

REPX is a Unique Investment Proposition. REPX’s business model is unique in that it utilises a partnership arrangement with Celebrities, Icon Cities and other Brands in the fields of Sport, Travel, Music & Tourism, thus gaining access to each social media follower base. Follower numbers can be huge, millions to hundreds of millions, so with even very low conversion rates the up-front revenue potential is very high