The Reputation Market

REPX will offer an electronic, regulated Market based on its Reputation Trading Platform. The currency to be used to trade on this exchange is the Reputation Token.

The Reputation Trading Platform allows all the individuals who are registered on the Reputation Online Register, via RoRKey, BeFriend and BeEngageD Apps, to trade, with the Reputation Token, celebrity and politician reputations and monetize on the price variation of such reputations and on the exchange rate between the reputation cross (Reputation Trading).

The Reputation Market will be composed by the following assets traded:

  • The Reputation Token price against fiat currency
  • The Stars signed up for single trading;
  • As many Cross Assets as the possible combinations between the number of registered Stars;
  • As many Cross Assets the Reputation market will consider useful in order maintain a high volume of trading and liquidity;
  • The Reputation Index.