The Reputation Exchange (REPX) merges two key terms: Reputation and Exchange. REPX is a reputation market place where reputation can be capitalized on and traded, while promoting digital identity, alongside fun, interactions and fair online dialogue.

REPX aligns real and digital identities, providing a blockchain managed Reputation Online Register, on which registered members, after having obtained their Digital Reputation Identity (DRI) in its Standard or Professional versions, will have access to two different kinds of products: the REPX Apps and the REPX Market.

REPX also helps celebrities and political entities to engage in secure communication with fans and spectators while trading their reputations on a regulated market. On the Reputation Exchange, any reputation of a public figure, personality, or political party will be traded as assets.

Who we are

REPX is a UK-registered forward-thinking fintech company, with subsidiaries in Malta, Moldavia, Switzerland and Italy, run by technology and business professionals committed to unleashing the innovative power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) on to global operations and innovative products so that people everywhere can interact and transact safely and securely.